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Hey there! I studied audio production at San Francisco State University and honed my experience designing, building, and running Knock Knock Recording Studio in San Francisco for five years. Recording and mixing a variety of genres to 24 track 2 inch tape (Otari MTR 90 mkii), I've built a portfolio of work from rap/hiphop, rock, jazz, acoustic, etc. Now working remotely using mostly solar power (I’m looking at you clouds), I’m getting back in the mix (lol) and offering some great deals as I build remote clientele. Send me a message with your project in mind and let’s make some music sound good!



I will provide a prompt mix of your song with up to 3 revisions. Provide either a previous mix of your work, or another artist for reference ideally to give me an idea of where you want to go with it Responsive image


Due to Covid, recording is temporarily suspended. Contact for more information.

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previous work:


Cost per Song by Track #

up to 10 tracks

1 song: $40
2-5 songs: $35
6-10 songs:$30

up to 20 tracks

1 song: $60
2-5 songs: $54
6-10 songs: $47

up to 40 tracks:

1 song: $90
2-5 songs: $83
6+ songs: $75

File Preparation

*Properly Prepared Files: Given that this is a mixing & mastering package, all required editing (time alignment, drum replacement/sampling, and vocal tuning should be completed prior to submission for mixing/mastering. If you need these services, I can facilitate that for an additional cost.